Friday, January 23, 2009

Hello Fellow Bloggers

This is my first post of my new Blog that my wonderful daughter-in-law has set up for me.  Thank you so much Aislinn.  She is a whiz at this computer stuff and trying to get me up to speed.  I want to use this space to put my art work to share with family and friends and get feedback and have fun with.  Hope that everyone will enjoy it as much as I am going to.  

I have learned so much tonight about this new world of blogging.  I just did a link with Aislinn's name.  WOW... I hope that it works.

I love crafts.....Anyone who knows me will go duh... that's right!  I can't even remember a time when I wasn't doing some kind of crafts.  I especially love rubber stamping on cards and clothing and making jewelry.  I teach at my local stamp stores and enjoy sharing my crafts with anyone who will listen.  

Well, I think that is about enough for my first blog.  I have a valentine cuttlebug class tomorrow that I need to pack in the car before I retire for the evening.

Let's see if I can attach the pictures so that everyone can see what I am up to.

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